Friday, January 30
8pm first presentation 

Hairpin Arts Center 
2810 N Milwaukee Ave 2nd Fl, Chicago, Illinois 60618

Nerd Nite at a Gallery! Lion vs Gorilla hosts Nerd Nite at their utopias mini-expo


Bonus Nerd Nite this month!

Nerd Nite is excited to team up with local art gallery concept Lion Vs Gorilla for their weeklong mini-expo on utopias, Crystal Palaces in Cockaigne!  It has all the things Nerd Nite loves best:  Booze, Truth, and Booty. (BYOBooty).


a donation bar, with gin or absinthe cocktails and two styles of beer available, courtesy of Letherbee Distillery and Finch’s Beer.  Donations accepted in hard currency, and, transistors willing, Square. (Songs can no longer be accepted in exchange for goods and services. Grow up, you hippy.)

Truth! (or some matter for debate, at least)

The Bosses of Chicago Nerd Nite step out of their usual roles as curators, coaches, and emcees of Chicago’s nerdiest drunken experts to bring you presentations on some actual attempts at utopias.  As the name implies, things fall apart, the center cannot hold… But what a great time we’ll have along the way! Here are the deets:

From Here to Utopia

from a surprise presenter

From Yogaville, VA to Galt’s Gulch, Chile, groups of overly optimistic people decide that they’ve figured what a perfect society looks like and made it themselves.  Join us for a dissection of what can make a utopian ideal become a reality, and the many ways things can so spectacularly wrong.

Pullman, Chicago: It’s 1880 and Your Boss Just Elected Himself as Your Mayor

by Jason St. John

The Pullman neighborhood of Chicago got its start late in the 1880s as a company town, among the most complete of many in this country.  Beautifully designed and poorly conceived, some of the original architecture remains, as it was when the workers of the Pullman Palace Car Company were contractually obligated to make their homes there.

Nerd Nite: Evidence-Based Entertainment
naked people hanging out in the 12th C

Nerd Nite at the Lion Vs Gorilla mini-expo on utopias, “Crystal Palaces in Cockaigne”