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Thursday, June 30th
Villains Bar and Grill
8pm get yer beer & food & another beer
9pm the talks start

We’re setting out for the vast seas of nerdery this Thursday, and we have not one (1) but three (III) first mates!

Former Attorney Converts to the Science Side

Monica Metzler

Why would a perfectly respectable attorney and policy wonk give up her evenings, weekends and vacation (not to mention money) for the cause of science?

For most Chicagoans, their most memorable exposure to science was the baby chicks exhibit at a school field trip to the Museum of Science & Industry. That was the case for Monica Metzler, whose science training finished in a “B” in high school chemistry. But then in 2006 she founded the Illinois Science Council, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting science and technology to adults in Chicago. The result, so far, has allowed her to drink beer, play with chocolate and shoot a Taser gun.

Chemistry and Cons in Your Cosmetics

Perry Romanowski

People use cosmetic and personal care products every day but have little idea about the chemicals they are putting on their bodies. In this talk, we’ll cover the basic chemistry that makes cosmetics work. We’ll also cover some of the common beliefs about personal care products and separate the beauty science from the BS. Should you be afraid that cosmetics are killing you? Will a skin cream really make your wrinkles disappear? Do more expensive products really work better? After hearing this talk, you’ll know.

Perry has spent the last 18 years researching and developing products to solve consumer problems in the personal care and cosmetic industry. His primary focus has been on hair & hair related products. He is currently Vice President of Brains Publishing which specializes in science education. He had the most shampooed head of 2007.

Simulation for Stimulation: The Science of Sex on Screen

Rebecca Fons

Don’t get too excited, this isn’t an tutorial on porn. Rebecca Fons discusses the science behind the sex/sexual scene in mainstream film: from the actual filming (there are usually socks involved), to the MPAA rating system to audience reactions and responses (protests, bans and boycotts included). You’ll never look at famous people faking it the same way again.

Rebecca Fons is the Education Program Manager at the Chicago International Film Festival (, as well as a producer of numerous short films and the popular web series Quilty ( She’s a Senior Referee for Chicago’s nationally ranked roller derby team the Windy City Rollers (, an avid potter and loves a hard R rating.

Be there AND be square!