Saturday, April 13th at 7pm


The International Museum of Surgical Science hosts Nerd Nite Chicago in a special after-hours event like never before! We are excited and a little grossed out, and we’re bringing our own bar to toast the academic discussions of

Easter Island, Fecal Transplants, and Historical Graffiti

Our three usual three excellent talks will take place in the hallowed, marble halls of the IMSS, then grab your drink and take a stroll around! No one will be there but us nerds. And everyone will be too drunk to mock you for reading every letter of every plaque!

Tickets are limited by event space, and they’re going fast!

Our outstanding talks:

Warring Theories: How Easter Island Makes Fools of Us All
by Bridget Holcomb

The most remote inhabited place on the planet has been studied by scientists for over a century. There are enormous disagreements over what happened on Easter Island, but the overwhelming amount of evidence is clear: we keep finding new ways to make fools of ourselves.

Bridget Holcomb is a proud representative of Duluth’s Nerd Nite. Her background is in biology and environmental studies, and has had a low-key obsession with Easter Island since she was 12. She is no longer 12.

Fecal transplants: Real science or a load of crap
by Cat Plunkett

The role of gut bacteria in health and disease is a hot topic in current medical research. I’ll take you through the science behind fecal microbial transplants as a treatment for disease. We’ll touch on how they work, the limitations of this treatment and some of the future directions that it may be heading, including how you could turn your poop into cash.

Catherine Plunkett is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Northwestern University. My research focuses on understanding how early life bacterial exposures affect the development of allergic diseases.

Historic Graffiti: Fear, Hope, and Faith in Stone
by Crystal Hollis

If walls could speak what would they say about buildings hundreds of years old? Historic graffiti are the stories of the regular everyday person hidden in plain sight in numerous historic buildings throughout the UK. From monsters to ships to protective signs that ward off evil, these fascinating inscriptions offer a glimpse into the everyday life and world of people from hundreds of years ago.

We can’t wait to hang out with you there! Tickets here!

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