Some people can never get enough study hall…. and neither can we!



If you’d like to give a talk someday but aren’t sure of every step, Nerd Nite Chicago offers Study Hall to guide your way. Attendance implies no obligation to perform, though we certainly encourage people to sign up for a future speaker slot!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The always-entertaining “How to Give a Rockin’ Nerd Nite Talk” presentation, including examples
  • Guidance distilling all your maybe-kinda-could-be ideas into specific & awesomesauce presentation topics
  • One-on-one idea development with Nerd Nite bosses & veteran speakers
  • Coaching on coming up with talk titles, enticing talk descriptions, & biographies with personality
  • Best practices for slide content & how to work with a microphone and be heard
  • The opportunity to practice presenting a ‘teaser’ of your proposed talk (including kind yet candid feedback, if requested) on the A/V system at the end of the evening

Snacks & soda will be provided; meals and adult drinks are available at the bar.

Tickets are free, but one-on-one attention is limited. Reserve your spot by getting a ticket! (If you purchased a ticket before this workshop was announced, we’re very happy to offer a refund or bounce your ticket purchase to the August 10th Nerd Nite.)

Join us for a drink or two, and get some one-on-one help crafting top-notch talks on the nerdy topics you just want to tell the world about!

Bring your laptop, notepad, vellum & inkpot, mnemonic memory palace, what-have-you. We’ll provide the friendly setting, the wisdom of our experience, and the tips & tricks that will take your talk from “well, that was interesting” to “holy shit my mind is blown!”

We look forward to seeing you at the Study Hall, and then onstage at a future Nerd Nite!

Nerd Nite Chicago